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You have made a wonderful and very important decision in choosing to become help inspire with The Smart Project. If you’ve reached this conclusion, you’ve done enough research about us and that's so cool! Before you start to look at the programs we have available, think about your passion, what you love, and what you would really love to help students achieve.

We are currently looking for a Teaching Assistant for our weekend art classes. The duties are qualifications for the position are posted below. Understand that the job is a part time, weekend job.

Qualification requirements:

Associates in Art (or close to completion)

An artist/ art Student

Must have some experience in a classroom setting guiding/helping teen students

Must have basic drawing, painting, printmaking, illustration skills

Must be used to standing/walking for hours

Must be able to work one on one with students to demonstrate and help them understand concepts.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Working alongside class teachers to support the learning of all individuals within a class

  • Assist students with providing an engaging learning environment for students

  • Assist the teacher by working with small groups and individual students to enrich their understanding in various art disciplines.

  • Prepping classroom materials, setting up materials/equipment and clearing up after class activities. 

  • Assisting teacher with photographing in class work processes and documenting completed artworks

  • May assist in mounting student artwork if an exhibition is planned. 

  • Communicate with teachers regarding the progress or struggles of individual students.

Classroom Assistant Application

Thanks for submitting!

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