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Through our after-school curriculum, TSP will strive to teach creative skills and character traits that will equip students with developmental skills that are beneficial for future careers in Arts and Technology. Students will be exposed to enrichment activities and academic learning. The teaching artists will observe and access strategies to retain student engagement during developmental projects. Students will be regularly urged to participate and reflect during creative exploratory learning.


The photography and editing workshops are designed to familiarize students with the concept of working with sources of light as an artistic medium. These sessions will emphasize the versatility of photography as a popular creative tool. Students will explore a multitude of photographic techniques, including the use of pinhole cameras, editing, and image manipulation.

Visual Art

The visual arts workshops are designed to explore the techniques and languages used for all art forms through observation of objects, human figures, and interior/exterior structures. Students will work alongside mentors to execute a variety of mark-making and artistic subtracting methods. Basic drawing elements will be discussed as well as compositional statements about works of art. Students will learn vocabulary and express their ideas and concerns through oral and written critiques.

Digital Media

The motion graphics and video editing workshops will allow students to explore different media techniques through digital software. Students will learn the basic foundations of motion and manipulate vector files and typography on-screen.


The Smart Project has created a list of classes that teens can take online. Whether you need some help with drawing, design, or writing as something new to do to keep your mind off the news there are many options! Our Master Guide to COVID-19 Online Resources is ready and set!  Click here to sign up for our daily & weekly e-digests of online events.

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