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The Smart Project (TSP) is a new, free after school program in collaboration with the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA DFW). We are offering and building a volunteer mentoring program to help teens learn to turn their creative passion for art and design into careers in the design industry. The pilot session will take place at North Dallas High School in the Fall of 2019.

The Smart Project offers professional creatives a way to give back by becoming part of a mentoring community across North Texas. Our objective is to empower teens to be their best selves while creating art and design.


Program Philosophy

Art and design education can be truly rewarding for all students, as creative techniques provide a unique understanding of the world around us and the way it functions. Not only will learners who participate in this program develop and improve their creativity, but they will also become strong critical thinkers, learning to communicate effectively and make wise/sound choices while creating. We honestly believe that the process of creating art allows the world to thrive. As such, our program requires the use of current technologies and benefits mentees by giving them opportunities to express themselves, collaborate with others, and experience self-directed learning. Students in this program will develop the necessary skills and creative abilities to exceed as artists, designers, and creative writers. They will learn to analyze, interpret, and evaluate written and visual works of art. In this effort, The Smart Project program will provide all students with continuous support and the necessary tools to be successful.


Program Goal

The program’s central objective is to evaluate student growth and knowledge in alignment with the goals established for each creative discipline. Upon completion of the program, students will possess a core understanding of creative techniques. The outcomes will include skills that enable the students to succeed in future creative careers. Afterschool activities will correspond with lessons goals and in-school assignments.

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Charisse Fagan

Graphic Designer + Photographer

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Project Manager

Nitashia Johnson


Reagun Chandler

Graphic Designer 

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