Our Program 

The Smart Project (TSP) is a new nonprofit, free after school program in collaboration with the local school districts. The Smart Project offers creative professionals a way to give back to their community, by becoming part of a mentoring program across North Texas. We offer videos and the option to request in-person sessions on our website.  Our objective is to empower teens to be their best selves while creating art and design.


Program Philosophy

Art and design education can be truly rewarding for all students, as creative techniques provide a unique understanding of the world around us and the way it functions. We strive to connect people of various ages and backgrounds to become either
a mentee or a mentor within the program. 


Not only will learners who participate in this program develop and improve their creativity, but they will also become strong critical thinkers, learning to communicate effectively and make wise/sound choices while creating. The process of expressing creativity through different avenues allows the world to thrive.


As such, our program requires the use of current technologies and benefits mentees by giving them opportunities to express themselves, collaborate with others, and experience self-directed learning. The skills and knowledge acquired through this program also benefit students in their day-to-day academic growth. 


We also offer Zoom workshops to mentees
who are not able to meet in person.

Program Goal

The program’s central objective is to evaluate student growth and knowledge in alignment with the goals established through each creative discipline. After-school activities will correspond with lesson goals and in-school assignments. Upon completion of the program, students will possess a core understanding of creative techniques, by developing the necessary skills and creative abilities to succeed as artists, designers, photographers, and creative writers.



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