FEATURED ARTIST: Chuck Greenslade (1/16/20)

Updated: May 6, 2020

This week we are featuring a very talented designer and illustrator and fellow TWU alum, Chuck Greenslade. We asked Chuck to tell us about himself and this is what he had to say:

Chuck Greenslade is a graphic designer and illustrator living in Euless, Texas. I received my Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art with a concentration in Graphic design from Texas Woman's University and currently work as a user interface and experience designer developing shopping experiences for a range of websites. In my personal work I create illustrations including creative portraits, character designs, and merchandise designs for things like t-shirts and posters. I balance a love for nostalgia driven colorful artwork with a fascination with dark and morbid subjects.

We also asked him a few questions, and here are his answers:

1. How did you get into illustrating?

Like most I've been drawing since I was a child but I didn't really start taking it seriously till I was in my 20's when I realized my original goals of working in the IT industry didn't really fit. I decided to go to art school for Graphic Design and continued to develop my skills in illustration. I now continue to do freelance and personal illustration work.

2.What/Who inspires you?

I'm very heavily influenced by my own nostalgia for my childhood - I take a lot of inspiration from video games, comics, and animated shows that I loved as a child. As an adult I draw inspiration from my fascination with morbid subjects such as true crime, cryptozoology, and the paranormal. Artist such as Lois Van Baarle and Mike Henry have inspired me in the kind of artwork I want to produce.

3.Can you describe your creative process?

I am a very structured person and I go through a very similar process for any project that I take on.

· Establish a goal

· Brain storm the solution

· Gathering Inspiration

· 4.Sketching and Thumbnails

· Final sketches

· Execution

4. What advice would you give someone that is starting out?

Fail. We can't learn without failing - fail fast, fail hard, fail often. The first steps to being great at something is sucking at it, don't let sucking stop you from growing.

5. What is the best advice you've been given?

Artists are their worst critics. We already know what we like because it's the art that we consume, but we view our own work as not meeting the expectations of our taste. We have to improve our skills to match our tastes.

Head over to instagram and follow Chuck at https://www.instagram.com/chuck_generated/ to see more of his work!

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