The Smart Project offers virtual and in-person workshops for 8th - 12th graders from underserved backgrounds who want to grow as artists, pursue higher education in the arts, or enter artistic careers. Students that are able to engage with our workshops will learn about various art forms and concepts, gain hands-on experience in creating art, and the opportunity to work alongside our Teaching Artists. We have worked with local, nationwide, and international students. Through this program we focus on building personal and creative relationships within the community for the students to make connections that will help their future.


The program is constantly recruiting individuals who feel the same as we do.

Our Teaching Artists are trained professionals in the field who help educate the students as they prepare for their creative future.

We are committed to supporting students from various diverse background; including students who are in foster care, students who are L.G.B.T.Q.I.A.+, and students that are a part of disabled communities.

To start learning with us,
email info@thesmartproject.org
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The Smart Project is excited to work and flourish with the generous support of future partners, team contributions, community donations, grants, and individual supporters.

These funds will go directly towards helping young people maximize their full creative potential. Please make a donation through our secure site. Every donation makes a difference and is tax-deductible.


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