The Smart Project is designed to help people learn about digital communication, creative writing, graphic design, photography, visual art, technology, and the performing arts through in person lessons, online sessions, and videos. Our goal is to guide students on their creative journey by introducing them to new, strong outlets of self-expression. Helping build personal and creative relationships within the community is what we love.

We are thrilled to work with individuals who feel the same way we do!

We want our mentors and students to gain from this program. We help educators interact with teenagers as they prepare for a creative future.

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email info@thesmartproject.org
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The Smart Project is excited to work and flourish with the generous support of future partners, team contributions, community donations, grants, and individual supporters.

These funds will go directly towards helping young people maximize their full creative potential. Please make a donation through our secure site. Every donation makes a difference and is tax-deductible.


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