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Creative Learning.

Creative learning encourages innovation, self-expression, critical thinking, collaboration, and adaptability – all vital skills for future success.

Our lessons at TSP are meticulously crafted to ensure feasible outcomes.


We provide structured learning experiences that empower students to develop their artistic talents, build confidence, and prepare for future careers in the arts and technology. Join us to unlock your creative potential and embark on a rewarding journey in the world of creativity.

Creative Workshop Series

Please note that our Creative Workshop Series is

open to youth in grades 8-12. Unlike the Creative Pathway program, these workshops are open for attendance without an interview process or

application-based submission.


While the Creative Pathway program focuses on providing support to committed artists through an application process and portfolio program, our open workshops offer a more accessible opportunity for

youth to explore various art forms.

What workshops series would you like?

Can't wait to teach you!

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Creative Pathway Program
Spring 2025 Creative Pathway Program

Can't wait to teach you!

Thanks for registering!

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