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Our students' work is a testament to their creativity and dedication, reflecting their unique perspectives and artistic growth. We take pride in showcasing their remarkable achievements and fostering a platform for their artistic expression.
Our students' work consistently dazzles with its creativity, ingenuity, and passion. It reflects not only their artistic talent but also their commitment to making a positive impact on the world through their art. We're immensely proud of their achievements and the beauty they bring to our community through their work.


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Summer In The Studio

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The "Summer in the Studio" program held at UT Dallas this summer for teens interested in digital media and photography was an inspiring and transformative experience. 

SDCC Workshops

The Digital Media and Drawing Workshops hosted at the South Dallas Cultural Center in the spring of 2023 were an exceptional opportunity for individuals to explore and expand their creative horizons. These workshops provided a dynamic and inclusive space where participants, regardless of their skill level, could delve into the realms of digital media and drawing.

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