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Creative teaching is essential as it nurtures critical thinking and fosters innovation, empowering students to express themselves and tackle complex challenges in unique ways.

It encourages both personal growth and the development of vital skills for the modern world.

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Teaching is good for the creative world.

This program offers teaching artists an opportunity to enhance their leadership skills while nurturing the artistic passion of creative teens.
While collaborating with the program youth:

Teaching artists will:

  • Inspire students to utilize their creative talents within our core areas.

  • Provide guidance and track the creative, behavioral, and skill development of young learners.

  • Cultivate an appreciation for creative skills
    that have real-world applications.

  • Organize and oversee creative projects in a
    safe and enjoyable environment.


Requirements upon hire include:

  • An online creative portfolio.

  • A valid driver's license for background check purposes.

  • Completion of an online application.

  • Your impressive resume!

Teaching & Support Application
Would you like to be connected for the Artists Inspired Lecture Series? You would be able to present your work to youth?

Thanks a ton!

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